Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ashray Akruti:

Ashray Akruti:A registered non-profit, non-religious organization working for hearing-impaired children and school dropouts (children without hearing impairment) from slums in Hyderabad. The school started with five children and now caters to the educational needs of 137 children. Since inception in 1996, more than 75 hearing-impaired children have been integrated into mainstream schools and colleges. Hearing-impaired children from outside Hyderabad avail residential facilities provided by Ashray Akruti.

Their Mission: At Ashray Akruti believe in the dignity and potential of every child- with or without hearing impairment. Their mission is to integrate them into mainstream schools so that they can claim their rightful place as equal citizens in future and in return contribute to our society actively.

At around 2 in the afternoon AMIGOS team reached the place, we had a warm welcome by the kids and also the faculty. Amigos team interacted with all the kids and had our introductions. Kids were really enthusiastic to known all our names.

After that we started playing games. Started with lemon and spoon then tug-of-war, kids were very energetic and sportive. We then played some more indoor games like balloon bursting, kids enjoyed the game so much that the whole room was scattered to collect and burst the balloons. Most of the kids showed their talent by their dancing. One of the kids danced so well that he overshadowed Mahesh babu by dancing on most of his songs. We all might as well see the next Prabhu deva or even Michael Jackson among these kids. One kid even taught few dance steps to few us, which we didn’t catch up that well though. Later we had a mimicry show by Mr. Nagireddy He made voices of all different animals and also many famous figures like politicians and actors. He came up with some dialogues from famous movies like Arundathi . Kids enjoyed a lot as well as our team.

We later gave gifts to all the kids. Some entertaining games, puzzles and a carton of biscuit packets which we picked us earlier. Then it was picture time we had good snaps with the kids and it was time to go. At around 5.30 we waved bye to all the smiling kids. We all left home with happiness and satisfaction of making those kids happy.

Contributions & Expenditure

Please find belwo the contributions and expenditure for this event:

Contributions Total Contributions : R.s 3,500/-


Toys : 350.00 (4 x 55 Rs & 4 x 40 Rs)
Stationary Items : 470.00
Pen Sets : 720.00 (15 Sets x Rs. 48)
Rope : 40.00 Puzzle Games,
Ludo.. : 700.00
Jilebi : 75.00
Lemons : 25.00
Mic Rent : 500.00
Gift Pack Covers : 100.00
Misc : 20.00

Total Expenditure: Rs. 3000

Balance from this Event: Rs. 500

For more information about the contributions and expenditure part, please send a mail to or please visit this event complete info at